if you want a special faceplate.

please click here ↑ to select a special faceplate 
after selecting the shell color into you shopping cart.

if you only want a custom IEM without special faceplate.
 you can
 confirm your order and submit your order to us now..
we will try our best to finish your order as soon as possible with amazing quality.

if you want to add a logo or your name on you own Custom IEM,
please send a email to spyker@ngaudio.hk  , 
with your own design (image or characters file) and your order No. .

If you do not select any artwork, we will send you an Custom IEM which the same as Universal IEM's artwork
The final artwork may be slightly different from your expectation .
However,we will try our best and will not be responsible for potential differences.
Our webpages and pictures are only supposed to show the general characteristics of the materials and does not show the exact end product.