The Story behind the Sound

          “I really enjoy the process of making earphones,” says Mr.Ng, the founder and the Chief Engineer of Ng Audio. Being an audiophile, his genuine interest in earphones was ignited when he was a university student. 

            At that time, balanced armature earphone was not popular due to the immature skills and thus the high price. After giving every existing product in market a trial, he still felt that the perfect one with a reasonable price was yet to be found. He decided to put his conception into practice, designing an enduring and delightful earphone that suits most people’s music appetite. 

          With this in mind, he delved into the research of balanced armature earphones in his studio. He conceived and tried for numerous times. More than one thousand in-ear monitors had been made during his university life. Yet, although his monitors gained much recognition from his friends, he was still in pursuit of a perfect sound. 

           After graduation, he kept trying and crafting. He started to meet some like-minded friends, sharing similar ideas towards music. By coincidence, he met a congenial friend who has 20 years working experience in HIFI industry. The exchange of opinion and suggestions with his friend gave him invaluable inspirations for the new product. By chance, he discovered the secret of  how to make the bass of balanced armature sounds better . Mr. Ng immediately put this exhilarating discovery into practice. To his surprise, the result is reassuring. The new product solved the long-existing problem of low frequency

         Undergoing several modifications, the constellation series with the latest technique made its debut. With a reasonable price and most importantly, the outstanding sound performance, NG Audio owned its first hard core of customers. “Their recognition of constellation series is the greatest reward to my effort,” says Mr. Ng.